BUILD Arizona is a coalition of children’s champions who are working together to enhance opportunities for all young children in Arizona, so that they can meet our state’s increasingly rigorous educational standards and become productive members of the workforce. BUILD Arizona supports the continued development of a coordinated system of programs, policies and services that responds to the needs of families. We are business leaders, nonprofit executives, public sector representatives, educators, health and other practitioners working toward the shared goal of making and keeping Arizona competitive in the years ahead.

BUILD Arizona’s Longest Term Goals:

All children enter school with the individual skills to meet success with Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards, graduate from high school, and attain post-secondary education to prepare them for the 21st century workforce.

Arizona continues to develop a coordinated system of programs, policies, and services for children birth to age eight that responds to the needs of families – so that our children have the best opportunity to be successful in the earliest grades and beyond.

To reach these goals, BUILD AZ is working to develop a culture that supports early childhood as a critical component of the state’s education continuum and to establish adequate and sustained investments in high quality services for young children. As a first step, BUILD AZ has identified several high level priorities that are outlined in the Build Arizona Blueprint. Additional information on these priorities can be found in a series of briefing papers in the Publications section of the website.

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